‘Mobilegeddon’ Claims Its First Victims — Retailers With Outdated Mobile Tech

There has been plenty of public hand-wringing over Google’s latest algorithm update and its potential consequences for those who live and die by search rankings. To put it in zoological terms, Google itself has said this shakeup is bigger than both the Penguin and Panda updates. Briefly, the changes to the algorithm mean sites that meet Google’s criteria for mobile-friendliness now take precedence over those that don’t in search results. Even royalty isn’t immune to the effects of this update.

Retailers that are behind the times should brace themselves for an especially bumpy ride. If you don’t have a site that rates as mobile-friendly as of April 21, your search rankings and thus your traffic and ultimately your bottom line will begin to suffer.

In order to assess the retail industry’s readiness for the algorithm change, we looked at 1165 domains owned by the 500 top ecommerce retailers in North America (as measured by Internet Retailer) and used Google’s own mobile-friendliness URL checker to test which sites passed and which ones failed and separated that data according to what type of mobile site (responsive, desktop, etc.) they were serving customers. You can see the surprising results of our data crunching in the infographic below:

inforgraphy-04.22.15 (6)

We do expect to see the numbers shift in the coming weeks as more retailers scramble to upgrade their mobile presences to earn Google’s mobile-friendly seal of approval.



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