Mobile Web Is Not (Yet) Ready For Business Model Innovation

Here’s Andrew Mason, CEO of Groupon:

I think that we’ll continue to see more companies … who put us
[Groupon] to shame a couple years from now with their rate of growth.

According to Andrew, Groupon grew so quickly thanks to its social
features. What’s going to drive web hyper-growth in 2012? The mobile
web – but it’s not ready yet.

Consider, the darling of early adopters this winter.
It’s up to a million users, growing through Twitter and app
downloads – which is awesome. However, many are lost at every stage of
the acquisition funnel – clicking the AppStore link, installing,
learning the native UI. What if you could start taking photos &
applying filters via the mobile browser – right after clicking that very
first link?
They’d probably be at 5-10 million users by
now. Today, the website isn’t even mobile-friendly.


Universal JavaScript APIs for mobile cameras are on their way (you can
use PhoneGap in the meantime) – but not today, limiting growth
opportunities for mobile-centric web services.

Another good example is online advertising (search or display), where
every mobile click leading to a desktop page will convert at a
disastrously low rate
. This inhibits a lot of mobile innovation in
pay-for-performance advertising – especially in e-commerce.

Mobile web has to get more mobile in order to facilitate business models
of tomorrow. Let’s do our part to make it happen!

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