Mobile Stats 57% of Mobile Posting on Facebook from Mobile Web

One of the discussions we often get invited to contribute to with
clients is a discussion on their mobile strategy.

What’s the right thing for them to do: mobile apps or mobile web?

Each client has their own situation, customer needs, goals and context.
A blog post won’t do justice to answering the full question.

But this blog post seeks to provide some data on how people use the
largest website in the world with their mobile devices.

Using data gathered by Dan Zarrella in his strong post New Data: 33% of
Facebook Posting is Mobile
, we broke down the 33% of mobile traffic
posting to Facebook a little further to see how they were accessing


(Click for full size image.)

According to the 70,000 samples Dan gathered, mobile web contributes 57%
of the mobile posts to Facebook. All apps combined contribute 43%.

So when we hear rumors of Facebook’s Project Spartan now we can
start to see the reasoning behind the investment and direction towards a
full HTML 5 version of Facebook.

Reading into the numbers, I think we can guess that Facebook see mobile
web’s popularity today and they also see a dominant future for the
mobile web.

So while apps are part to their mobile strategy, the mobile web is

(Thanks to Darren Barefoot for the coffee and conversation that
spurred this post.)

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