Mobile Solution Checklist: Choose the Right Technology [Part 3]

Now that you’ve identified the key stakeholders in your mobile strategy development, it’s time for you to choose a mobile solution – together. Follow these three easy steps to ramp up your mobile maturity.

  1. Gather all key stakeholders in a room.
  2. Print off the one-page mobile solution checklist.
  3. Evaluate all mobile options to find your perfect fit.

Different Stakeholders = Different Areas of Interest

As mentioned in Part 2, the key stakeholders are generalized roles to help you identify who within your organization will be affected by implementing a mobile strategy. Your company may have multiple individuals who represent each one of these key stakeholders, and they should all be included in the process.

When evaluating different mobile technologies, there will be areas of interest that will influence one stakeholder more than they will another. While each person should provide their point of view on the solution as a whole, each stakeholder will ultimately own certain parts of the mobile solution and should take the lead on evaluating these sections. We’ve broken down the areas of interest by stakeholder so that each person is aware of which aspects of the mobile solution will have the greatest effect on their day-to-day.

Fill in the one-page mobile solution checklist below to determine which solutions may be a good fit, and which ones should be eliminated.

The Mobile Solution Checklist [Printable Version]

mobile solution checklist stakeholderEric from Ecommerce

  • Does the solution integrate well with your existing ecommerce platform?
  • Does design and development logic work across mobile web and apps?
  • Does the solution provider have a demonstrated ability to increase conversion rates and improve other business metrics on the web?
  • Can the solution provider demonstrate a clear path to web ROI?
  • Does the solution provider have a clear roadmap of mobile maturity for your industry?

mobile solution checklist stakeholderMary from Marketing

  • Does the solution collect user behaviour data and provide actionable insights about the customer experience on different devices?
  • Does the solution support existing analytics software, A/B testing software and personalization software?
  • Will the solution have a positive effect on your website’s SEO?
  • Does the solution allow customers to seamlessly access and share your website using a single URL across mobile and desktop?

mobile solution checklist stakeholderIan from IT

  • Is mobile performance a core part of the solution provider’s product offering?
  • Does the solution provider have a good security record? (never been compromised)
  • Does the solution provider support ongoing optimization and A/B testing initiatives?
  • Can the solution provider demonstrate success handing off mobile projects to internal teams as internal mobile capabilities increase?

Stuck on Multiple Solutions?

You’ve eliminated the solutions that won’t be the right fit and have identified two to three front runners, now what? Download the comprehensive mobile solution checklist below to do an in-depth review of your top choices and determine which one will be the best fit for your company.

Consumers spend more time shopping on mobile devices than on desktops (44% of retail internet minutes spent on mobile and 11% on tablets), so it’s worth investing the time and energy to do a complete evaluation of your mobile options and ensure that you’re picking the right technology.

Download the Comprehensive Checklist

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