Mobile SEO = NoIndex

A couple of months ago we blogged about the pros and cons of Mobile
, covering the subject of several listings per domain, different
content available on mobile / desktop versions of the site and so on. In
the couple of months that followed, we continued our trials &
discussions with the biggest sites powered by Mobify. In the end, we
arrived to a surprising conclusion – the best mobile SEO strategy
today is the “noindex” directive for the mobile view coupled with 1:1
URL mapping from desktop to mobile and device detection
. Here’s why:

​1) Mobile views appear in desktop search results (which is probably a
shortcoming of search engines, as well) pulling a share of traffic meant
for desktop. In some cases, this traffic reaches 30% of the overall
mobile view.

​2) Thanks to device detection, mobile users hitting desktop links will
always get the optimized, mobile experience.

​3) With netbooks and other devices sitting in between desktop and
mobile form factors, the line between various views of the same content
is blurred. It is important for the content source to adapt
automatically, without requiring a new SEO strategy.

To reflect this, all Mobify-powered mobile views will soon have
“noindex” on by default
, relying on search engine rankings of the full
site and automatic device detection.

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