Mobile Redefines Personalization

Mobile devices provide a constant connection to your customers and enable you to provide deeper personalization.

61% of consumers want offers targeted to where they are and what they are doing, and 56% of consumers want offers tailored to their interests and needs. Customer expectations are high, and to date, retailers have struggled to meet these expectations and fully personalize the shopping experience.

Mobify CMO, Cliff Conneighton, sat down with Retail Info Systems (RIS) News to discuss why retailers are struggling and how to successfully and efficiently drive personalization.

RIS: When you look at how fragmented the customer journey is, how is this changing the approach retailers need to take to personalize the shopping experience — especially as a means of driving sales?

Cliff Conneighton: People often think of personalization in terms of matching an offer to the shopper’s preferences. This mentality is rooted in the desktop-first experience — but today’s shoppers are mobile-first. Fortunately, mobile devices give retailers a whole new level of context for personalization. For example…

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