[Google Webinar] Mobile Web Payments Made Easy

Chrome is now seeing the majority of browser traffic come from mobile devices.

That probably doesn’t come as much of a shock, but what is surprising is that 66% of mobile commerce (and mobile payments) is happening on the web rather than in apps. Given the volume of traffic and potential for revenue, it’s essential that retailers provide mobile web users with a fast and engaging mobile shopping experience.

In recent years, there have been a ton of improvements to mobile websites. App-like speed, interactions, and navigation are all possible with Progressive Mobile™ web. From lightning-quick performance, to homescreen icons, to push notifications, the web is adopting the critical features of native apps to deliver the simplicity, context, and convenience that mobile users expect. But in terms of mobile shopping, these improvements haven’t translated completely into increased conversions. So how far does mobile have to go to equal the kind of conversions we see on other platforms?

The answer, it turns out, is pretty far. In fact, we consistently see conversion rates that are 2/3 lower across the mobile web, relative to desktop sites. This means the average visitor to a mobile site spends $1.00 compared to the average visitor on desktop who spends $3.00.

So what’s the deal? The answer mostly lies in checkout forms – but that will be changing later this year with the introduction of Google’s web payment API. Eliminating the pain points that come with a typical checkout flow will make shopping on mobile a breeze, which is great news for retailers. Learn more about the latest payment technology at my webinar with Zach Koch from Google. Join us on July 27, 9am PST.


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