Mobile Killed the Marketing Funnel

Mobile has won the war for eyeballs on smartphones and tablets, but retailers have yet to see mobile revenue attributed directly to an ever-increasing mobile share of traffic. While consumers browse and research products on mobile-optimized sites, they still convert on other channels. The gap between mobile share of traffic and share of sales highlights money left on the table, and a big opportunity for retailers who don’t see over 40% of their mobile traffic converting on that channel.


Today’s Fractured Funnel

Gone is yesterday’s traditional marketing funnel, which tracked consumer behaviour in a linear progression from awareness and consideration to purchase, loyalty, and advocacy. Today’s connected consumers have instant, unlimited access to the world in their pockets. They enter mid-funnel, skip stages, or flit back and forth between all stages – ignoring an ad, but re-tweeting a meaningful brand post; researching product reviews, but querying their social network for trusted opinions; going in-store to try on items, while simultaneously checking their mobile devices for similar items.

Mobile has fractured the traditional marketing funnel into short, intent-driven moments, and consumer demands are moving targets, subject to revision based on brand interactions. Not surprisingly, marketing’s role throughout the funnel now routinely extends through to purchase, and these micro-moments represent opportunities for content marketing and brand initiatives to make an impact.

Engaging Customers in Mobile Moments

Retailers cannot afford to ignore the impact of today’s fractured funnel. Any moment a consumer leaves a site or disengages with your brand is an opportunity for a competitor to take control of that sale. Hard-won gains in brand awareness and interest are effectively nullified when one price check or product review can lead to cart abandonment and subsequent revenue loss.

Because mobile has killed the marketing funnel, today’s marketers must meet their customers wherever they are, whenever they have a moment to spare. Legacy engagement strategies based on the traditional marketing funnel can place businesses at a severe disadvantage to their more tech-savvy competitors, who continue to elevate the bar for customer experience as a primary competitive differentiator.

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