Mobile E-commerce: Do People Actually Buy Things On Mobile?

Here is a recent tweet by Linda Bustos from GetElastic, the leading
e-commerce blog

Aside from Amazon and EBay numbers, there simply isn’t a lot of
public information regarding trends in mobile e-commerce transactions.
This makes the total volume hard to tell. Here are some observations
that we’d like to share with you today:

  1. Mobile users buy even from “desktop” stores that don’t have a
    mobile version.
    The volume is already quite significant. If there
    is a good bargain to be had or when the purchase is time-sensitive,
    the user will find a way to get what they want. In a recent
    conversation, an online retailer stated that mobile users of their
    desktop store bought over a million dollars worth of merchandise in
    . Had the mobile store been in place, the sales would have
    been even higher!
  2. Launching a mobile store will multiply mobile revenue by at least
    2x over the first 100 days.
    We are testing several versions of this
    “rule of thumb” with the goal of publishing a white paper sometime
    in Q2. The aggregate effects of reduced bounce rates, improved
    conversions and a better user experience have a very positive effect
    on the bottom line for any store.
  3. iPad and other tablets are in their own revenue segment.It’s not
    uncommon to see iPad reported as the #1 mobile device by a retailer
    (that’s the default Google Analytics setting, as well). However, the
    iPad is competing with the desktop browsers much more so than with
    mobile devices. Tablet users typically have an easier time
    navigating regular websites and should be measured separately when
    it comes to bounce rates, conversions and revenue.

It’s clear that mobile e-commerce transactions for physical goods are
increasingly more common, with many IR500 retailers having cleared
seven and eight-figure thresholds in 2010. Everything points to mobile
revenue growth accelerating in 2011, as well.

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