Mobile Customer Engagement: A Platform Solution for the New Marketing Funnel

Retailers, wholesalers and brands are at a breaking point. Goals of growth, improved margins and customer loyalty are elusive, but only a symptom of the real problem. The ubiquity and price transparency of the internet has changed the game, and now the most disruptive technology is mobile. It has broken the familiar marketing funnel into dozens of disconnected moments, too often resulting in customers with no loyalty, constantly in search of nothing but price.

We believe that sustained, systematic, and integrated engagement is the ultimate competitive advantage. When you remove shopping complexity and unify fragmented moments, you create a cohesive shopping and brand relationship that cultivates powerful, enduring relationships.

Ninety percent of most merchants’ total business still involves the physical store. But nearly 90% of their in-store business now also involves online research, including shoppers using a mobile phone while standing in-store. A modern engagement strategy must go beyond omnichannel to support the shopper who never thinks of channels, and in fact expects online and in-store to be seamless.

Yesterday’s technology exacerbates the problem. It is weakest where modern consumers spend most of their time – with their mobile device – yet still requires complex integrations and long implementation cycles. Fortunately, a new category is emerging. Mobile customer engagement platforms will facilitate and coordinate customer connections independent of device, screen, location or channel. Web, mobile apps, push notifications, social, smartwatches, televisions – and a future that likely includes virtual and augmented reality – will all be supported from a unified platform. Mobile customer engagement will combine the best of customer experience and next-generation marketing automation to engage shoppers in all shopping moments, and thus improve growth, margin and loyalty.

Stay tuned.