[Report] First-Ever Benchmarks on Mobile Commerce Funnel Performance

The customer journey is made up of fragmented mobile moments, which makes it difficult for retailers to identify where shoppers enter and abandon the funnel.

Benchmarks from the Q3 Mobile Insights Report help you identify where customers drop-off, and how you can reduce points of friction to ensure shoppers complete their purchase.

Key insights from the report include:

Nearly 80% of all visits include a product page.
Learn how to optimize your product listing pages and product display pages for mobile conversions.

A shopper is 27% more likely to visit the checkout if the mobile site has a low AOV (<$100).
Learn how to re-engage customers to increase conversion rates on websites with higher price points.

44% of mobile checkouts are abandoned.
Learn how to reduce friction in the checkout funnel to ensure customers don’t abandon midway through the transaction.

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