Mobile Commerce – Apps vs. Websites

Mobile commerce is one of the most exciting new market segments on the
Web today. There’s a big opportunity not only in improving the way
mobile purchasing works, but also in inventing new ways for discovering,
sharing and promoting merchandise. Yet, [most of the e-commerce
retailers are not prepared to serve their mobile users][], as our
research showed. “Let’s get an app” seems to be the strategy for many
retailers – which is not nearly enough.

E-commerce has grown to billions of dollars per year thanks to taking
advantage of Web fundamentals. Here are just some of the strategies that
are crucial to long-term success of online vendors:


> Affiliate Tracking

> Social Media Compatibility (through URL mapping)

All of which need to seamlessly work on mobile. It’s pretty much
impossible to fully support these strategies in native apps, which have
the added requirement of being discovered & downloaded prior to use.
Mobile web alone has what it takes to implement a complete mobile
commerce portal and retailers seem to agree. It’s going to be very
exciting to watch this space develop in 2011.

[most of the e-commerce retailers are not prepared to serve their
mobile users]:

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