Mobifying Websites for Tablet Users – Easy Wins

Over the last few months many of our customers started to observe very
significant levels of iPad traffic. So significant, that often it is far
ahead of any mobile device – iPhone or Android. Big question – how to
optimize their websites for mobile? Is there a need for it, even? is a great example of an iPad-optimized site is a great example of an iPad-optimized site

While we study patterns of mobile purchases & web browsing on tablets,
here are some easy wins that apply to virtually every website:

Make all content readable without pinching & zooming. Users should’t
have to pinch unless they’re exploring high-resolution photos or maps.

Use the entire screen whenever possible. Is your item purchase
dialog taking up 25% of the desktop screen? Consider expanding useful
functionality to take up more space – users are familiar with
full-screen interactions in mobile apps.

Expect touches, not clicks. Tiny links and buttons might work for
pixel-perfect mouse clicks, but gestures and touches need a lot more
space to work well.

No Flash. This one is easy : )

Mobify Commerce already supports the iPad and other tablets for
e-commerce applications. We’re looking into adding tablet support in
Mobify Studio – stay tuned!

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