Mobify Webinar: Mobile Commerce UX Design Best Practices

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How often do you buy a new pair of jeans? If you’re like most people, it’s maybe once every 4 to 6 months. Why, then, do so many brands design their ecommerce experiences as if shoppers were interacting on a daily or weekly basis?

Reduce Friction At All Costs

Interfaces and interactions with ambiguous iconography, navigation, and flow may make your website stand out or look unique, but shoppers shouldn’t have to (and won’t) work to buy your product. Every interaction and interface must be 100% obvious throughout the shopping experience to keep customers buying and coming back for more.

“A good user experience can be defined in many ways, but one measure is the ability to reduce the user’s effort to think.” – Steve McCarthy, Head of Insight at Brandwidth

However, it’s easier said than done. We know that mobile commerce is still a challenge for most retailers, so on March 22, Mobify and Astound Commerce are partnering to bring you a Mobile Commerce UX Best Practices Webinar to improve customer engagement and conversion rates.

These best practices have been accumulated over the past 10 years at Mobify, while building hundreds of mobile sites for customers that range from multinational publishers, to IR100 apparel companies, to global beauty brands. We have experimented with many different interaction patterns along the way, and the best of them will be presented in the webinar. See you there!

Watch the Webinar

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