Mobify Introduces First Analytics Manager for Progressive Web Apps

Ecommerce professionals can now capitalize on previous investments in marketing analytics platforms while taking advantage of the most promising new mobile technologies for ecommerce like Progressive Web Apps and Accelerated Mobile Pages with the launch of our Analytics Manager.

With any new technology, the ability to track results is paramount. But setting up, testing, and debugging analytics tools is notoriously difficult and time-consuming. Bugs often aren’t found until it’s too late, losing weeks or months of data and leading to distrust of future data. For those starting out with Progressive Web Apps, analytics can be particularly tricky to navigate. Mobify has developed a solution that accurately reports on Progressive Web App (PWA) usage and integrates with your existing analytics tools.

Analytics and Progressive Web Apps

Typically, analytics tools rely on a page refresh to track user interactions. Progressive Web Apps pose the same challenge to analytics as any Single Page App, which is that they don’t refresh between pages like traditional websites. There is starting to be more documentation on how to track events within a PWA, but it’s still a complicated implementation requiring skill and experience. The current methods also don’t solve the problem of testing and debugging, adding risk to your project.

We figured it out.

Mobify’s Analytics Manager solves the challenges of analytics for Progressive Web Apps. The Analytics Manager enables easy setup and testing of analytics for your PWA, and it’s all available out-of-the-box.

The Mobify Analytics Manager:

  • Listens to changes in state within your Progressive Web App to track user interactions without the need for a page refresh.
  • Provides critical debugging information, which is displayed to focus analytics validation and alert developers of any issues.
  • Tracks events within the Engagement Engine – Mobify’s own analytics tool, which customers can access through the Mobify Connection Center.
  • Sends events to your existing analytics tools, such as Google Analytics.
  • Integrates quickly and easily with other vendors, like Google Tag Manager or Tealium, and has the ability to track custom events specific to your business.

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