Mobify & Amplience Integration for API-led Headless Commerce

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new reference integration that allows content teams to integrate Mobify’s agile front-end platform and Amplience Dynamic Content

As brands aspire to deliver differentiated shopping experiences, content teams are challenged with creating personalized content that can effectively scale across many channels and devices. The new integration enables digital teams to focus on driving exceptional content to the right customer, at the right time, on the right device, in a repeatable manner. Meanwhile, commerce and technical teams gain the agility to continually experiment and improve user experiences on the decoupled front-end, independent of the content or commerce system.

Cutting through the complexity 

Dynamic Content simplifies the orchestration of complex customer experience changes across web, mobile, and other touchpoints. Since the content is managed separately from the content presentation layer, it gives teams the ability to build the core content set without having to simultaneously solve for all of the presentational contexts. The Mobify front-end retrieves the content in the required format through APIs in real-time, delivering a consistent experience at every touchpoint. 

When Mobify’s agile front-end platform is integrated with Amplience’s headless CMS, digital teams can connect the two systems to work optimally with a streamlined workflow across the content and code.

  • Preview how future content will be displayed across sites: Teams can preview how the new content will appear on the live site across devices without having to leave Dynamic Content saving invaluable time.
  • Ensure your site visitors always see the latest content: Rather than drawing content directly from a commerce system database or static content, Mobify’s front-end uses high-performance microservices and a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver experiences and content quickly to your users. 
  • Achieve market velocity with an agile front-end: An agile front-end and headless content management system helps brands fully scale content to support multi-site and multi-language localizations without the risk of inconsistent brand and data management  across multiple stores.

How to get started with the Amplience & Mobify Integration 

To get started with the Amplience-Mobify integration, please check our how-to guides or email at to receive your access code to view documentation. 

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