Mid-tier Sites are the New Growth Sector on Mobile

Millions of daily uniques on mobile versions of Facebook, ESPN and New
York Times have everybody impressed. Some even claim that this behaviour
proves that mobile users are only interested in top content from top
sites, unlike the “surfing” that’s typical to desktop. At Mobify, we
believe that while top sites will stay popular, much of the growth in
mobile will come from top “niche” sites, known as the “mid-tier” of the
Web. Here’s why!

Mobile is a feature of the Web. In most cases this is true, as new
publishing, communication and collaboration techniques enabled by the
Web get a new mobile use case. Utility of mobile without internet
connectivity is very limited as far as content consumption goes.

For a long time, this feature was very expensive. The reason why top
Web sites are popular on mobile is because there was no other option. Up
until now, only the chosen few could afford to develop a standalone
mobile site or an iPhone application. While “keyhole browsing” of
WebKit-powered devices is OK for general surfing, the experience was
never perfect. So, traffic was even more skewed towards mobile-optimized
top sites than it is on desktop.

Mobify helps unlock top-quality web content on mobile. Through magic
of mobile views, creating premium mobile experiences becomes affordable.
A couple of recent mobile views prove this. After A List Apart
launched http://m.alistapart.com, powered by Mobify, one of their
readers tweeted: “… A List Apart Mobile edition →
http://m.alistapart.com/ That means less books read in public
While the infamous YCombinator HackerNews does not
have a mobile version, our unofficial mobile view on
http://yc.mobify.me is gaining traction, with one of the YC
entrepreneurs saying “…it’s great. It’s now a permanent fixture on
my home screen 🙂

The revolution in mobile content is here and it’s powered by popular
specialized sites, which often have some of the best content and
tightly-knit communities.