Maximize Your Customer Lifetime Value

Customer loyalty is important because it costs less to retain than attain, meaning the long-term health of your customer relationships should be a priority. Retailers can maximize the customer lifetime value by providing a seamless shopping experience that keeps the customer engaged over time. In the latest KPCB Internet Trends Report, Mary Meeker identified messaging and notifications as a key layer of any app – notifications enable you to keep customers engaged after a sale, and ultimately increase their customer lifetime value.

App notifications are an important place to start, but they only cover a portion of your customers (those who have downloaded the app). Fortunately, there is a new communication channel that will enable you to engage a much wider audience – web push notifications. Customers don’t need to provide their email address or download an app to opt in to web push, making it a frictionless channel for retailers.

With push notifications you can remind customers of an abandoned cart, direct them to a nearby store, provide discounts to drive sales, or notify them of new products. Sending customers relevant, personalized content and offers will keep them engaged with your brand and motivate them to convert more often.

We know that maximizing customer lifetime value isn’t the only challenge you face as a retailer. Download our guide to solving your top 4 most pressing retail challenges.