Luxury Retailers and Mobile E-Commerce

What type of phone do you think is owned by a person who buys $5000
handbags?  If you said a shiny, new iPhone 4 (soon to be 5!), you would
probably be correct.  Yet, a vast majority of luxury brands and
retailers do not have a mobile site.  Furthermore, many of these brands
use Flash as their desktop interface, leading to abrupt dead ends on
phones not support Flash (ie most of them).


Many of these luxury brands target young, affluent, professional users.
Does this demographic sound familiar?

It’s exactly the same demographic as smartphone buyers.

Apple and Android handsets, considered by most the be the most desirable
smartphones, have the most young buyers under 44 (source).

What can luxury retailers learn from this?  Target your mobile web
experience to your desired demographic.  iPhone and Android devices have
powerful browsers capable of providing immersive and interactive mobile
web experiences.  Our advice to luxury retailers?  Look at your
analytics, find what mobile devices are accessing sites the most, and
build an experience catering to them.  This market is currently
underserved and has huge potential for growth.

Go to, a luxury hotel booking site powered by
Mobify, on your iPhone or Android device, and see an example of a luxury
brand with mobile awareness.

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