Laithwaites Wine Launches Mobile Site

Mobify is proud to announce the launch of

Laithwaites Wine started out in 1969, delivering wine to customers in
the back of a van.  Over the years it has grown and now delivers wine to
over 700,000 customers.  The same business model still applies: directly
from the vineyard to you table.


42 years later, Laithwaites Wines announces the next step in their
evolution: the launch of their mobile site.

With mobile web browsing set to exceed desktop browsing within 3 years,
Laithwaites saw an opportunity to better service its customers by giving
them a mobile optimized experience.  Customers have the option to browse
and buy from Laithewaites’ full wine catalogue, right from the palm of
their hand.  If you need a little advice or recommendations, mobile
users can click-to-call directly from the website, making it incredibly
easy to reach a member of Laithwaites’ specially trained UK-based call
centre team.

Discover better wines for yourself by visiting on your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry 6+

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