Introducing The First Mobile Customer Engagement Platform [ANNOUNCEMENT]

We are very excited to announce that Mobify has launched a new Mobile Customer Engagement Platform, which enables contextual engagement through app-like mobile web, iOS and Android apps, and push notifications – all on a single platform, from a single codebase.

74% of retail CEOs are concerned about how consumer purchasing patterns are shifting. Fractured consumer behavior has disrupted the traditional marketing funnel just as mobile technology has begun to introduce radically new techniques to ensure a more seamless customer journey. And yet, today’s mobile point solutions are unable to sustain engagement and are risky and expensive to integrate.

With our new Mobile Customer Engagement Platform, we enable retailers to deliver personalized, seamless mobile buying journeys across all interaction points, deployed and managed from a single comprehensive platform.

The platform consists of three new components:

  • Progressive Mobile™ – Mobify’s technology allows customers to turn on an iOS App, Android App, and/or a conversion-optimized mobile website with app-like features all from a single codebase. The mobile web feature can be added to existing mobile or responsive websites, typically yielding a 3x performance improvement.
  • Engagement Engine – The Engagement Engine delivers highly personalized content to customers in real-time using contextual information such as location, behavioral data, 1st party data, and integrations with third-party systems such as CRM or personalization engines.
  • Connection Centre – The Connection Centre provides one interface for marketers to target, deliver, and track customer engagement and to personalize interactions such as push notifications and highly-relevant web or app content.

It is the first mobile commerce solution to leverage the modern web capabilities of Google’s exciting Progressive Web App technology – which there is sure to be a lot of buzz around at this week’s Google I/O event. Using the latest features, the technology makes web apps feel and perform more like native apps.

The platform is designed for retailers who want to build better customer relationships through mobile engagement in order to increase conversion rates and revenue. The possibilities for engagement are endless with a platform – visit our website to see what you can do.

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