How to Prioritize Your 2017 Digital Retail Investments to Maximize ROI

Customers today are channel agnostic, so retailers need a tech stack that supports their customers’ expectations for a seamless experience anywhere, anytime. With budget and resource limitations, this requires prioritizing a broad spectrum of digital technologies to determine what will provide the highest return on investment in 2017.

The latest white paper from explores the various digital technologies that will compete for retail budgets in 2017.

Which technology will drive the highest and fastest return on investment? And continue to drive revenue as customer expectations evolve?

The answer is mobile.

With smartphone use growing globally month-on-month, the power of mobile vs desktop has tipped past 50% in mobile’s favour, especially in developed markets such as the UK. An effective mobile strategy will filter into all aspects of your business, generating increased revenue, retention and loyalty – as well as enable you to keep one step ahead of the competition.

Through the use of market insight, expert analysis, best practices and case studies, our latest white paper, written by Paul Skeldon, Mobile Editor of, helps you determine where your digital priorities lie for the year ahead.

Aimed at helping you take full advantage of how mobile can grow and support your business, this white paper will guide you in making an informed and profitable decision on your 2017 digital investment.


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