[Infographic] The Forgotten Metric of Ecommerce Engagement: Pre-Bounce Rate

Q3 infographic

Bounce rates are constantly monitored to gauge engagement, but retailers forget about their pre-bounce rate – which means they’re probably losing a lot of traffic before the first page even loads.

The pre-bounce rate is the percentage of users who drop off before the first page even loads.

Various surveys have asked shoppers how long they’ll wait for a mobile page to load. One from Imperva Incapsula found that 62% of shoppers said they would leave after 5 seconds.

The problem is that retailers haven’t had visibility into their actual pre-bounce rate because it doesn’t count as a session in analytics software when a shopper “pre-bounces.” We began tracking “attempted load” – when a user begins loading a page – in order to quantify the traffic lost before the first-page load.

We found that 40% of shoppers dropped off if the first page took 5 seconds to load.

The reality was not quite as dramatic as they what customers said they would do…but this still means retailers are losing almost half their traffic at only 5 seconds.

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