[Infographic] How Page Speed Affects Mobile Commerce

How page speed impacts mobile shopping journey

Mobile sites are typically sluggish and low converting. With more search traffic coming from mobile than desktop for the first time this year, you need to change this.

“Mobile shoppers are constantly interrupted – it’s an entirely different context than desktop shopping,” says Mobify CEO Igor Faletski. “To be successful, retailers need to have mobile websites that perform as well as native apps, which – until now – has been impossible.”

Our research and customer data shows that mobile commerce success is all about speed. Historically, retailers have turned to native apps to give customers the premium shopping experience they crave, but with disappointing ROI. Using Google’s latest technology, we’re able to create app-like performance and conversions on the mobile web. Your premium shopping experience will be available to anyone who visits your website, not just the handful of loyal customers willing to download your app.

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