If Your Checkout Hesitates, So Will Your Customers. Don’t Risk It.

If Your Checkout Hesitates, So Will Your Customers. Don’t Risk It.

As one of the people in charge of your company’s mobile website, performance is probably a constant thorn in your side. You get the importance: You shop on mobile too. No website loads fast enough.

So you know from experience that if it’s too hard to go through checkout, customers will get sick of waiting for the page to load or frustrated from tapping again to reload. Those who give up might never return.

In fact, a slow checkout process is the number one reason why nearly half of customers (46%) say they won’t return to a site.

On mobile, the stakes are higher of course. On the go and on smaller screens, everything seems slower and it’s harder to wait. A delay of as little as 500 milliseconds increases frustration (by 26%) and zaps engagement (by 8%).

In short, if your website hesitates, it could cost you the sale.

If you want to keep your shoppers — and #savethecarts — you need a screaming-fast site. Or at least a site that feels fast. Optimize the front end, optimize the back end, and use third-party tools to optimize for poor network conditions.

The more you do to make the checkout process on mobile a seamless experience, the more comfortable your customers will feel making purchases on the go. Find out more about why customers abandon mobile shopping carts — and how you can optimize to improve mobile conversion rates. Get the 9 Common Causes of Mobile Cart Abandonment e-book.

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