I Can’t See What I’m Buying

When it comes to successful shopping, size matters. And we aren’t talking about your shirt. To give your customers the best online experience, your team has most likely built in large beautiful images to help boost sales.

But did you know that this practice doesn’t translate to mobile? Poorly scaled information and imagery is why 41% of people shift to competitor sites. Meaning, a product page designed for a laptop can get away with being heavy on the details but not for mobile.

Disclaimer: It’s not just a matter of removing detail but reformatting and repositioning it. If you remove things, customers might feel like they have too little information to make a purchase. If you leave it as-is, they may be overwhelmed by too much information they can’t read.

Same goes for images: If they’re small, customers can’t get the details they want before purchase. All of these factors directly impact mobile conversion rates.

So you’ve got to optimize the product details so they look great on every screen, no matter the size.

Make product details more accessible and easy to read by increasing the font size, formatting them in a “look book” style that consumers can tap into to get more information.

Resize and optimize images for smaller screens. Get rid of image-based buttons (using vector-based or CSS-rendered instead) to improve loading times, and implement responsive resizing through a third-party service or by using CSS to deliver the right-sized images to the right devices.

Enable zooming, so customers can see the whole thing clearly—without pinching. Your developers might have good reasons for not wanting to enable zooming, but consumers will experience having more control if they can.

Make sure the product image moves throughout the checkout so customers can always track exactly what they’re buying.

You won’t be able to avoid some redesign work, but your customers will read easier on the smaller screens. Plus, it’s one small (very important) step you can take to boost mobile conversion and #savethecarts.

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