How to Use Deep Linking to Create a More Personalized Mobile Shopping Experience

How to Use Deep Linking to Create a More Personalized Mobile Shopping Experience

The rallying cry to make marketing more personal is only getting louder. In this article, I’ll show you a straightforward way for forging a stronger bond with your mobile customers using one of the most recent innovations in mobile technology.

The cool new feature I’m talking about is deep linking. We covered the basics a couple of weeks ago in this blog post. So today, let’s look at how deep linking has advanced, finally allowing retailers to reach customers consistently, whether they have an app or not.

Until recently, when you sent an email or produced an ad that directed people to a specific screen on your mobile app, you had to include multiple statements about how to view that screen: “Click here to see our amazing product via our mobile app. If you don’t have our app, download it now.”

Today, a single statement is all it takes. People click on “view this product,” and, with deep linking, the device can take it from there, going straight to the designated app screen or defaulting to the web view if the app is not installed. No fuss, no extra steps for your customer.

Deep linking functionality also supports increased content personalization.

For instance, maybe a shopper is showing interest in a specific pair of pants as he browses your retail app, but leaves the app before making a purchase. You can use retargeting to then deliver a personalized ad to that shopper on the web that features the same pants that previously caught his attention. Using deep links, the call to action in the ad can direct him to a specific product screen in your mobile app, making it even easier for him to buy.

Wrapping up

Integrating deep linking into your mobile app strategy is a powerful way to create a more familiar and personalized relationship with your customers.

Not only are you connecting customers to products that likely interest them, you’re demonstrating that you know them and what they like, enhancing their user experience while shortening the path to the purchase.

Using deep links helps with re-engagement at the macro and micro levels. Determining just how much to use mobile deep linking will help you take the next step toward finding new customers and sparking continued engagement with your mobile app.

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