How to Get Quick Mobile Gains Without Abandoning Your Long-term Commerce Strategy

If you’re looking for a tactical solution to your mobile revenue woes, you’re not alone. Mobile is likely your highest traffic channel, but mobile conversions are significantly lower than desktop because the experience isn’t fast and engaging. Many retailers are looking for ways to improve their mobile sales quickly. At the same time, executives want to see strategic, long-term gains and not quick-fix point solutions when they’re spending money. Here’s how.

Deliver the Best Mobile Experience Available Today

According to analysts, the best mobile web experience available today is a Progressive Web App (PWA). It delivers fast, app-like experiences to your customers on the web, and it also happens to be the best way to increase your mobile revenue, speed up your online experience, improve SEO, and build brand equity.

PWAs offer instant page loads, effortless interactions, immersive experiences, and the ability to browse offline and add the web app to the home screen. This results in a better, faster experience that drives quick mobile gains.

If you build a mobile PWA as a tactical point solution, then you’ll end up with a separate codebase and experience to maintain – which isn’t great for your long-term commerce strategy. However, if you build it the right way, you can extend the mobile PWA to desktop and tablet in the long-term, thereby extending the benefits across all your digital storefronts and returning to a single codebase.

The Right Way to Meet Customer Expectations

Enter, Front-end as a Service. A Front-end as a Service is a different, better way to deliver digital experiences – and it can turn your mobile PWA into a long-term strategic play.

Most retailers build their front-end experience on their ecommerce platform or content management system. The downside is that these systems are really heavy, making it hard to quickly adopt new web technologies (like PWAs) or quickly deploy user experience (UX) changes.

This new Front-end as a Service solution gives retailers the freedom to grow and adapt as customer expectations evolve. It separates the customer-facing experience from backend systems to enable retailers to be much more agile on the front-end. Once you’ve seen the initial revenue boost from your mobile PWA, you’ll be able to:

  • Extend the PWA to tablet and desktop to return to a single front-end codebase and boost revenue across all digital channels
  • Decouple the front-end experience from the backend to enable teams to do frequent UX deployments, and keep up with the pace of web innovation
  • Future-proof the customer experience so that it doesn’t have to be thrown out when it comes time to replatform
  • Get an enterprise solution that auto-scales and optimizes performance globally, and supports integrations with ecommerce systems

Starting with a Progressive Web App will take care of your mobile revenue concerns right off the bat; a Front-end as a Service will remedy the customer experience challenges that tend to plague enterprise organizations.

Short Term Wins, Long-term Strategy

Today, having a PWA is the best mobile experience retailers can offer, but in a few years that could change – by building a mobile PWA with a Front-end as a Service, you get the mobile revenue you need now, but retain the agility to quickly adapt as your long-term strategy evolves.

Check out our Enterprise Guide to Delivering Commerce PWAs for a deeper dive on the journey from a PWA on mobile to a PWA across all screens.

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