[Benchmarks Report] How Mobile Performance Impacts Engagement and Conversions

Customers on mobile shop differently than customers on desktop. Mobile shoppers want to complete a goal and get from “A to B” as fast as possible – and you should want that too. If you can’t get them to “B” before they’re interrupted, you’ll lose a shopper and potentially a purchase.

“Mobile shoppers are constantly interrupted – it’s an entirely different context than desktop shopping. To be successful, retailers need to have mobile websites that perform as well as native apps, which – until now – has been impossible.”

Igor Faletski, CEO, Mobify

This is why speed is so important when it comes to mobile. Page load speed has an impact on both engagement and revenue, and the 2017 Q2 Mobile Commerce Insights Report digs into just how significant that impact is.

“Mobile is all about efficiency. Shoppers simply won’t wait, as time is their most precious commodity. Mobify’s research does a good job of confirming that KPIs are severely impacted when speed is impaired. Bottom line – it is incumbent on retailers to embrace solutions that save shoppers time or they will quickly abandon mobile experiences.”

Lauren Freedman, SVP Digital Strategy, Astound Commerce

Our research and customer data shows that mobile commerce success is all about speed. Historically retailers have turned to native apps to give customers the premium shopping experience they crave, but with disappointing ROI. Using Google’s latest technology, we’re able to create app-like performance and conversions on the mobile web with Progressive Web Apps. Your premium shopping experience will be available to anyone who visits your website, not just the handful of loyal customers willing to download your app.

“Native apps exacerbate mobile shoppers’ declining attentions spans, making slow-loading mobile pages feel like an eternity. It’s no wonder shoppers are bouncing at such high rates. Retailers who don’t deploy new channels for customer communication, on top of a faster mobile web experience will only fuel the issue, resulting in lost customers and lost share of revenue.”

Richard Fouts, VP Thought Leadership, Accenture

Get the report to learn:

  • How landing page load time affects overall traffic to your site
  • How web page speed impacts conversion rates
  • How page load time impacts engagement

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