How Embracing a One Web Approach Can Help Grow Your E-Commerce Revenues


Mobify CEO, Igor Faletski, recently
wrote an article for Econsultancy looking ahead and sharing how the One
Web approach
 is the only sustainable strategy to build e-commerce
websites for a multi-device world.

In the post, Igor outlines some fundamental shifts in the ways people
consume content and shop online. He shares details on how businesses can
ensure that they are maximizing revenues and delivering great user
experiences on mobile and tablet devices.

“One Web is a foundational website development principle for tackling
today’s diverse, multi-screen world. You may or may not have heard of
it yet, but One Web will soon be acknowledged as the only way to build
modern and future-proof ecommerce websites.

One Web states that websites should maintain link integrity through
URLs that work on all devices – desktop, mobile, tablet, and gadgets
we haven’t even imagined yet…”

Read the rest of the article on Econsultancy.

2013: Responsive and Adaptive Web

The One Web approach is a leading feature of the adaptive and
responsive web
philosophies that will be the centre of successful
multi-screen strategies in 2013 and beyond. It’s the only future-proof
way to build for the web.

At Mobify, we have the One Web vision baked into our products and
platform. One Web is more than a trend – it’s the best way to build for
future success. For the coming year we’re working hard to create more
learning resources and share more stories like the ones on Econsultancy
and our article in Forbes — The Future of the Web: The Case For
Responsive Design

If you have any feedback or suggestions for what we should tackle next,
please leave a comment below or contact us directly at

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