How Deep Linking Can Unify Your E-Commerce Strategy

As new ways to reach customers become more viable, retailers need to think holistically about their e-commerce environment. This means connecting the dots among websites and apps.

At a strategic level, it’s always important to employ a web-first approach because your website is likely to be a prospective customer’s first impression of your business. So your first order of business is to provide a phenomenal customer experience through that website, regardless of the platform or device a customer may use.

But don’t stop there. Mobile apps can augment your strategy and act as a fantastic extension to the web for a couple of reasons. Apps work really well for a devoted customer base, giving you the chance to create a closer relationship through something like built-in loyalty points that can increase customers’ purchase frequency. And rather than burying the perks within a “My Account” section on a website, you have the control to put your loyalty program (or whatever mechanism you choose) front and center.

How Deep Linking Can Connect Your E-Commerce Touchpoints

As you work to unite your e-commerce offerings, deep linking can be a valuable part of your marketing toolbox. It helps you make connections between your website and apps, driving activity from your site (or from the Internet at large) to your apps so that you can offer the best possible shopping experience.

One of my favorite examples of mobile e-commerce is The Iconic, an Australian fashion e-tailer. The company provides a truly seamless experience, whether shoppers are using the website or the mobile app. To encourage app downloads, The Iconic used its mobile app to live -stream a specific campaign during Melbourne’s fashion week, and viewers could use the app to shop the runway fashions in real time—with the promise of three-hour delivery in Sydney and Melbourne. More than half a million shoppers have downloaded the app in the last nine months, and the company reports that 50% of its total traffic comes through the app.

The Iconic clearly made a smart play by taking mobile e-commerce from the wings and making it the star of the show. Incenting so many shoppers to download its mobile app gives the company a sort of permanent residence with those customers. This makes it more likely that they’ll look to The Iconic more often (especially if encouraged to do so through deep linking), thereby increasing total revenue and lifetime customer value.

Read more about The Iconic to see how your company can have the same sort of success through a united e-commerce strategy.

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