Hollywood Reporter: 12 Launches of 2011


The Hollywood Reporter covers breaking news and stories in the
entertainmentindustry – and today, the fastest way to deliver news is
via mobile devices.

The team at the Hollywood Reporter did a great job of focussing on the
content they know their users need.  The first thing you see when
landing on their mobile site is the most important recent stories.

Reader focussed touches abound.  This attitude of giving readers has
helped the Hollywood Reporter achieve the highest total distribution of
any entertainment daily as well as generate huge traffic to both desktop
and mobile sites.

Check it out for yourself by visiting HollywoodReporter.com on your
mobile device.

12 Launches of 2011 covers a dozen selected mobile sites launched in
2011 on the Mobify Platform.

It’s a celebration and a big thank you to all our customers for making
2011 Mobify’s best year yet!

Read all 12 Launches of 2011.

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