Guest Post on Mobify Insights

At Mobify, we’re doing our best to publish best-in-class content about the intersection of web and mobile, and we get really excited by fresh ideas and new perspectives that come from outside of our team.

That’s where you come in.

Since you’re reading these guidelines, there are two things we can safely
assume: you quite like our publication, and you’re interested in creating
awesome, polished, educational, insightful content.

Brilliant! We’re glad to have you.

What to write about

Mobify Insights has the tagline: Marketing in the Multi-Screen World. This
tagline is a promise to our readers about the type of content they can find on
our site.

This means that we are looking for posts that fulfil this promise, usually on topics
such as mobile marketing tips or techniques, mobile strategy, and any web
marketing topics that are relevant to mobile.

How it works

Here are four guidelines you should know in advance about guest posting with Mobify:

  1. We ask that submitted guest content is posted exclusively on Mobify.
  2. We’re big on collaborative editing as a means of augmenting a piece of content. This means that we’ll likely work with you to edit your submission.
  3. We like keeping out of trouble, so please make sure that you have the rights to use all images in advance.
  4. We also don’t like annoying other netizens, so please make sure that all sources are correctly attributed.

Get started

Please feel free to reach out to David & Mike at with an article
outline/abstract/summary. Even if you’re just at the idea stage, pitch it to us and we’ll
work with you to develop the post!

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