Groupon Mobile Campaign: Inside the Data

A Mobify Enterprise for E-commerce client recently ran a Groupon
Campaign. The results were interesting and we thought we’d share them
because no one else has shared real results from a Groupon campaign on

Groupon may be controversial in their fundraising numbers, wallowing
in a trough of disillusionment and may not be right for your
business, but it can be a powerful driver of exposure and revenue for
many businesses.

How Groupon drives mobile traffic


Mobile Visitors

On September 27, a Groupon for a fantastic deal was released. What
happened next?

Traffic on the mobile site exploded.

  • Visitors spiked up 150% in the first day.
  • Visits quickly dropped to half that the day after, and half again the
    next day, but then stabilized and declined at a rate of ~5% day over
    day for the next 3 weeks.
  • Three weeks after the Groupon deal ended, traffic was still double
    what it was prior to the deal.

What does this mean? The lingering awareness brought on by a front-page
Groupon deal can still drive traffic, even after the Groupon expires.

How Groupon drives mobile revenue


Mobile Revenue

How did the traffic spike translate into mobile revenue?

  • Mobile revenue quickly spikes within the day, matching the traffic
  • Revenue explodes, up 6000%.
  • Revenue is sustained for two days, unlike traffic, which dropped off
    after one.
  • Revenue slowly trails off and stabilizes but is still appreciably
    higher than pre-Groupon levels.

From this data we can extrapolate that people bought their Groupon
coupons via the Groupon site and then redeemed them on the vendor site
over the following days.

Key Takeaways

Like every marketing initiative, the challenge is matching the right
tactics to the right context.

For this vendor, the Groupon was a success, at least in terms of gross
mobile revenue and traffic. We cannot speculate on how much total money
Groupon took from this deal, or on the margins on the products sold.

However, we can say with certainty that this particular retailer was
happy with Groupon. How do we know?

They have since run two more Groupon campaigns.

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