Great Mobile Stores

What makes a great mobile store? How can you decrease bounce rates,
increase the number of returning visitors, and boost conversion rates?

Let’s look at some examples of mobile commerce done right.

mobile stores 1

Mobile visitors to, a leading online bookstore, are
automatically redirected to the mobile version of the site which offers
a user experience optimized specifically for handhelds.

As is the case in all mobile design, it is crucial to start by selecting
content that’s suitable for your mobile visitors. Below, highlighted in
red, are the main content blocks that were mobified on Alibris’s desktop

mobile stores 2

When selecting pieces of your desktop store to take mobile consider the
following tips for creating a great user experience:

  • Be strategic about choosing content: look at your traffic analysis
    and see if mobile visitors are already favoring some areas of your
    site over the others.
  • Consider featuring a less popular desktop section by placing it
    front and center on mobile.
  • Be mindful of your visitor’s potential circumstances: what situation
    would they be in while browsing your website? According to a [recent
    survey][] 9 out of 10 mobile shoppers use the mobile web while

The next step is good design which can be boiled down to:

  • Cutting down content.
  • Simplifying the website.
  • Eliminating clutter.

Some of the challenges involved are making the selected content fit
while retaining legibility and brand consistency. Product galleries with
nice big images and a large, easy-to-read font size all contribute to an
aesthetically pleasing experience that will make your mobile store
memorable while motivating your customers to return again and again.

Are you an online store owner? Launch your mobile store today!

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