How Google is Transforming Mobile Commerce

The only thing that evolves faster than technology is your customers’ expectations, thanks to tech giants like Google.

It used to be that apps were the only way to deliver a premium shopping experience, but with the introduction of Progressive Web Apps – among other technology – the mobile web is finally striking back.

Progressive Web Apps bring app-like speed, interaction, and engagement to the mobile web. Shoppers no longer need to download a heavy app for a fast, frictionless shopping experience. This is especially important as the developing world transitions to smartphones, and data is still incredibly expensive.

These next-generation web apps have been in market for over a year now, and there’s a long list of brands seeing very strong results. Progressive Web Apps are maturing and no longer limited to early adopters.

Over the next year, Progressive Web App support across browsers will see a significant shift, and features like push notifications, offline mode, and quick payments for the mobile web will be the minimum expectation.

Google has fundamentally changed the way the web works, from search to SEO to performance to the shopping cart. Retailers who don’t adjust their strategy will struggle to stay relevant.

Google’s latest announcements around Accelerated Mobile Pages, Progressive Web Apps, and Web Payments are threads in a larger pattern. The world’s biggest shopping platform – the web – is fundamentally transforming to meet the demands and opportunities of mobile.

Read our Guide to Google’s latest technologies to see how you can stay relevant through these changes with Progressive Web Apps, Accelerated Mobile Pages, and Web Payments.


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