Google Adwords Quality Score Now Affected by Mobile Optimization

Google recently announced that mobile site optimization now affects
your AdWords Quality Score.

As one of the world’s largest mobile web platforms, we wanted to know:
what does this mean for our clients and customers?

We asked John Boxall, Mobify’s CTO, who said that the AdWords system
will visit your landing page and see what it looks like when viewed by
iPhones and other mobile devices with full browsers.  “This way,
Google gets a good idea of what your users on mobile devices will be
seeing,” he said.  “If it’s a good experience, they reward you with a
higher Ad Rank.”


If you have mobile ads running, you need to have a mobile optimized
landing page

Google’s logic is that mobile users will have a better experience if you
have a mobile optimized landing page and site for your AdWords
campaigns. Quality of experience and usability helps determine your
overall Adwords Quality Score
, and influences your CPC and where your
ad will appear on a search results page.

Key takeaway?

If you don’t have a mobile site, you’re paying more than you have to to
run your AdWords campaigns.

Looking to the Future

Google is investing heavily in mobile to make sure its users’ have a
great experience when browsing, no matter the device.  We recommend
going mobile as soon as possible, as mobile traffic is going nowhere but

Not having a mobile sites costs you money and exposure, even if you are
not an e-commerce site.

We here at Mobify have been saying this for years! In fact, we’ve
designed our mobile platform to be fully compatible with Google’s
friendly web crawlers.

Having a Mobify-powered mobile site will:

  1. Help improve your overall PageRank
  2. Increase your Adwords Quality Score
  3. Make your mobile users happy
  4. Increase your mobile revenue

Our views were recently confirmed when Google and Mobify teamed up for
the GoMo initiative.  Get your GoMo score and see how Google views
your site on mobile by checking out the GoMo meter.

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