Get Your Site Ready for Black Friday’s Mobile Commerce Boom (Free Ebook)

Dramatic sales, giveaway promotions, long lines for midnight openings – these are the hallmarks of November’s infamous Black Friday. However, smart shoppers are increasingly avoiding the crowds and craziness by letting their mobile devices do the walking for them.

Unfortunately, most retailers aren’t yet set up to capitalize on all this mobile activity.

In fact, retailers missed out on nearly $16 billion in mobile commerce during last year’s Black Friday shopping period. And we’re not just talking smartphones. More and more, consumers are using tablets to make their purchases, and savvy companies are optimizing their mobile presence to tap into that revenue stream.

Did you know?

Mobile traffic on Black Friday accounted for 39.7% of all online traffic, an increase of 34% over 2012 (IBM Black Friday Report)

Mobile sales accounted for 22% of all online sales on Black Friday, up 43% from 2012 (IBM Black Friday Report)

Walmart says that more than half of its 2013 Cyber Monday traffic came from mobile devices (USA Today)

Find out how to capture your share of this year’s holiday spending spree with our Black Friday Success Guide. It’s packed with advice on everything from optimizing your existing mobile experience for conversion to knowing what projects to prioritize.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • How to prioritize different mobile projects before November hits, including streamlining your checkout flow and aligning navigation to common mobile actions.
  • How to boost the performance of your existing mobile presence through image enhancement, predictive intelligence tools, and tablet-specific optimizations.
  • When to work with a mobile vendor and when to go it alone. Discover the 8 key questions for evaluating mobile vendors to help ensure that your mobile-focused shopping experience will be ready well ahead of November 28, 2014.

The products you want to sell online may speak for themselves, but make sure your customers stick around long enough to hear what they have to say. With Black Friday fast approaching, getting it right is more important than ever.

Are you ready? Download our Black Friday Success Guide – your complete handbook to preparing for 2014’s mobile shopping rush.