The Future of Messaging Apps

Messaging apps are an untapped channel for mobile customer engagement. They have immense potential, especially with the rise of bots and intelligent agents, and are paving the way for real-time two-way communication between customers and brands.

The Days of Mass Messaging Are Over

Broadcast messages are not useful. Individualized and contextual messages will always drive deeper engagement and increased loyalty – online or in-store.

Retailers now need to look at their overall strategy for how they will leverage new channels to engage customers – not just as a one-way conversation, but in real-time where your customers are already engaged, invested, and conversing.

Move away from broadcast messaging by identifying opportunities to leverage two-way communication tools. Online conversations need to be addressed the same way you would look at conversations with associates on the sales floor: nuanced. Luckily, machine learning is increasing in capability thanks to growing interest by the big AI players like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Make A Move

Bots or intelligent agents in messaging apps are already tools customers turn to for support, and the evolution of these tools will drive conversational commerce in a few ways:

  • Discovery: “Thanks for showing me this.”
  • Exploration: “Show me more pictures of this product.”
  • Purchase: “I want to buy 1 of those.”

They can also help improve customer retention and loyalty:

  • Feedback requests: “How was your buying experience?”
  • Logistics: “Show me where my order is being delivered.”
  • Utility notifications: “Your order will arrive today!”

These conversations are reassuring and take the anxiety out of online shopping. They also can provide valuable data and insight into your customers’ buying journeys.

What To Do Right Now

The first step towards embracing mobile customer engagement is to adopt emerging technology, such as push notifications and store driversAs the technology evolves, Mobify’s Platform can help retailers leverage new engagement mediums to drive customer engagement across the omnichannel (or rather, no-channel) experience.

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