Facebook Will Accelerate Adoption of Web Push Notifications

Many companies struggle with the mobile web vs. app discussion, debating which will be a more valuable investment for their particular brand. With the recent introduction of web push notifications, companies can now have the best of both worlds – the broader reach of a website and the higher engagement previously limited to apps.

In April 2015, Google announced the launch of web push notifications through Chrome 42. When a user visits a website that employs web push messaging, they will see a dialogue box asking if they want to opt-in to web push notifications. If they opt-in, that online property will be able to reach them with real-time updates, even when they’re offline. This new channel gives companies a more effective method for reaching customers through web. Already marketers have reported 50% higher open rates on push notifications compared to email.

Early adopters include Beyond the Rack, FanSided, VICE News and, of course, Facebook. What does Facebook’s involvement mean for other industries?

Facebook Has Many Friends

Facebook is the largest social network with 1.49 billion active users. The fact that this HUGE audience is being exposed to web push notifications, on a website that these users frequent and trust, will accelerate adoption across other industries.

Push notifications are synonymous with the Facebook user experience as people are accustomed to receiving this type of notification through the app. Since web push notifications provide an experience consistent with the app experience, it is more likely that users will feel comfortable opting in.  

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Big Opportunity for Other Brands

Web push notifications allow brands to be stickier, even without an app. By pulling customers back to the website, brands are able to create a web experience with less friction.

There are many use cases for this outside of the social media industry, here are a few examples:

Retail Industry

  • Notify customers when an item on their wishlist goes on sales, driving them to complete the purchase
  • Send customers a list of relevant new arrivals when they walk by a store location, pulling them into the store
  • Remind customers when they have an item sitting in their shopping cart, reducing shopping cart abandonment

Travel Industry

  • Notify hotel guests of the local weather before their stay, creating an engaging and personalized user experience that will likely increase customer retention
  • Send past cruise passengers promotions for similar upcoming cruises, encouraging them to become repeat customers
  • Notify customers who were comparison shopping through an online travel agency of price drops, driving them to complete the booking

With social media giant, Facebook, exposing their large audience to web push messaging, adoption will increase across industries – giving brands the opportunity to engage web users with personalized, relevant notifications. To learn how your brand can use web push notifications, download the video of our customer webinar on Web Engagement Messaging.


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