Everybody Has A Mobile Strategy, But Few Deliver

It’s hard to find popular web publishers without a mobile strategy
today. When asked about mobile, you’ll often hear “We want to do an
iPhone app”, “We’re building a mobile site”, “It’s coming soon”, etc.

The top-tier publishers are the few that actually deliver on these
strategies. Tens of thousands of dollars later, they arrive to a good
mobile presence. The mid-tier publishers – sites with hundreds of
thousand unique visitors a month – usually end-up ignoring the problem.
Not being able to pay the exorbitant fees of boutique mobile agencies
and not willing to resort to a simple site builder or an RSS feed, the
mid-tier does not publish to mobile. Most websites covering mobile are
not mobile-optimized, which is a sign of a bigger problem.

Mobify is the vehicle for empowering a mobile strategy for great
websites without huge mobile budgets. It creates a live, evolving mobile
view that is never detached or segregated from your main site. The power
to design this view is in your hands. We hope you enjoy it =)

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