eTail West: Everyone is Talking About Amazon

Last week Mobify joined 2000 retailers in Palm Springs for eTail West. A common thread among the sessions, and the topic that resonated in our network, was Amazon. Retailers have their mind on Amazon, and they want to know how they can survive.

Retailers are no stranger to the “Amazon Effect,” and as the powerhouse grows (100,000 people in the next 18 months!) so does its ability to innovate and redefine online shopping.

  • 55% of customers are starting their shopping journey on, an increase of 44% over last year.
  • The conversion rate for Amazon prime members is 74%
  • 18,000 developers are maintaining a feature deployment velocity of 1.5 seconds.

Beyond Amazon, the largest brands in Internet Retailer are also accelerating the digital divide. As detailed by Industry Strategy & Marketing Director at Adobe, these larger retailers see 37% more revenue per visit and 19% higher conversions.  

The customer demand for a superior shopping experience is too high, and an exceptional ecommerce experience is needed just to maintain the status quo. Retailers recognize this, but building a great experience is difficult. Adobe’s 2016 Digital Marketing Maturity Report shows that 90% of retailers are challenged by resource availability (content, creative, technical) and 91% with scalability or manageability.

So, what are the speakers at eTail West doing to keep up with Amazon?

Brand Personality

An online retailer’s challenge is to inspire its shoppers. To inspire, become the authority in your space by delivering valuable and helpful content. Good customer engagement will slow down user interaction while increasing his or her attention span.

Mobile Search

According to Google, mobile search will surpass desktop and tablet search this year. Leverage technology like Amplified Mobile Pages to get preferential treatment by Google and prime real estate on search returns.

Meet Customers in their Mobile Moments.

40% of customers will only engage with mobile when shopping, but most of the retailers we spoke with see their responsive website as too basic of an experience to delight and engage these mobile shoppers. Progressive Mobile technology, made with the help of Google’s Progressive Web App technology allows you to deliver an app-like experience on the mobile web that is simple, contextual, and nearly instantaneous.

Build vs. Buy

It’s difficult to keep up with the pace of technological change and the customer expectations that move with it. At eTail West, we often heard debate over where to build and when to buy. Check out our eBook for more details on the build vs. buy dilemma.

Next stop for us is ShopTalk in Las Vegas! Reach out if you’d like to connect with us at the Aria.

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