Ecommerce Trends & Stats: Holiday 2018 Versus Holiday 2017

There’s no question that holiday 2018 ecommerce sales well eclipsed 2017. Whether it was Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or pre-Christmas, shoppers were spending more than last year, and they were on mobile more often.

According to Salesforce’s holiday shopping report, ecommerce brands saw 12% growth in online revenue during the 2018 holiday season. Mobile was definitely the winner though, taking 48% of order share, which is a 19% increase from holiday 2017.

What’s extra exciting for retailers is that 2018 saw sustained and increasing mobile purchases between Black Friday and Christmas, with higher peaks of purchasing translating to higher mobile revenue compared to 2017, especially for Black Friday week and the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Session duration is another measure of engagement that was also up, with shopping session duration peaking at times of peak purchasing. It seems that shoppers are content spending more time on their mobile purchases than before, perhaps while they’re relaxing at home or spending time with family and friends.

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