Drive Black Friday Sales with Web Push: 3 Reasons to Deploy This New Messaging Channel Before the Holidays

Black Friday usually drums up mental images of a swarm of shoppers lined up down the street, ready to push down the doors at the crack of dawn to get the best deals. While this is still the case, many are now turning to their desktops or mobile devices to avoid the throngs of competitive shoppers. Cyber Monday sales grew by 15% in 2014, making it the biggest day in US online shopping history.

Black Friday, and the entire holiday shopping season that follows, is a crucial time for retailers – it can be the difference between a great year and one that doesn’t measure up. With more and more shoppers relying on their digital devices, retailers must use the latest technology to engage customers or risk losing out to competitors. This year, web push notifications present a huge opportunity to engage customers and increase holiday sales.

Check out 3 reasons why you need to deploy web push notifications before Black Friday.     

1. Reach and Engagement

There has been a lot of debate around web versus apps, the web provides a wider reach while apps enable engagement – web push notifications provides the best of both worlds. With web push you can reach a huge portion of your existing customer base, rather than just those who have downloaded your app. The opt-in process is simple and has very little friction, enabling your brand to build a large subscriber base. The sooner you get started, the faster you will be able to build up your subscribers in time for Black Friday. Web push has a relatively quick implementation process so it’s not too late! Get started today to ensure you’re able to effectively reach and engage your customers during the holiday season.

2. Low Noise Channel

Retailers are always fighting to retain customer attention, and overflowing inboxes makes this challenging. However, email marketing was still the primary ecommerce driver in 2014, accounting for 27.3% of online orders on Black Friday and 23.9% on Cyber Monday – if this is the case, imagine the impact that you could have with a low noise channel! Web push notifications offer you just that – being a new messaging channel, your brand won’t need to compete with as many retailers. Web push gives you the opportunity to put your Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales right in front of the customer, without competing with all the other distractions in their inboxes.

3. Time-Sensitive Messages

This new messaging channel lends itself well to sharing time-sensitive information. Direct messages are deployed straight to the user’s browser, even if they aren’t browsing your particular website. This kind of high exposure is perfect for Black Friday when sales and discounts are only available for a limited time. Web push ensures the customer sees your message when it’s still relevant and it doesn’t get lost in their inbox.

To learn more about web push notifications and how your brand can deploy this messaging channel just in time for your most lucrative season, watch the video below.


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