Digital Transformation at 2017 is the annual ecommerce conference for digital retail thinkers and doers!”

Perfect… We’ll be there!

The retail industry is in a transition period right now, and that spells opportunity. We saw 9 major retailers file for bankruptcy in the US from January to April 2017, which was the same as all of 2016. And yet, the retail economy continues to grow overall. It’s not that people aren’t spending money, it’s just that how they spend has changed.

There are numerous reasons for this: the desire for experiences over objects, the internet in general, Amazon, and – of course – the ubiquity of mobile devices. Your customers are more connected than ever before, and it’s affecting everything from media consumption to commuting to shopping.

My hunch is that many presentations will touch on the digital transformation that retailers need to undergo to seize the new opportunities available in our connected world (and avoid the Chapter 11s that have plagued the last year). With that in mind, our data analysts put together the Q2 quarterly insights report.

Download the report to get benchmarks on:

  • How landing page load time affects overall traffic to your site
  • How web page speed impacts conversion rates
  • How page load time impacts engagement

These are unique insights that our data team is able to uncover. Not a lot of retailers (if any) are looking at these numbers, which are affecting your largest traffic driver – mobile. You can also check out Google’s case study on Mobify customer Lancôme, winner of the 2017 IR Mobile Commerce Excellence Award, or watch this quick demo to see how Progressive Web Apps for ecommerce can transform your business.

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