Designing For A Browserless Web

The following excerpt is from Smashing Mag.

What happens when we take the web browser out of web browsing?

Google’s new “Add to Homescreen” feature delivers fast, focused web experiences that are indistinguishable from those of a native app. What can designers learn from the successes of early adopters such as Twitter, and how can we leverage app-like design patterns to tackle this brand new set of user experience challenges?

The “Add to Homescreen” installation process, as shown on Google Chrome Developer’s mobile website

We’ve seen debates on the topic of native versus web experiences. Both have their pros and cons, but very often the biggest downside of the in-browser experience is that it doesn’t feel as reliable, fast and immersive as the native app experience.

Read the full article on Smashing Mag for tips and tricks for designing and developing progressive web applications (PWAs), specifically the ones that are added to the home screen on Android devices.

By Mitch Lenton, Senior Interaction Designer, Mobify

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