Data-Backed Insights from the Massive Mobile Cyber Week Turnout

Mobile shopping appears to be the holiday ecommerce gift that keeps on giving to retailers this season as mobile transactions and traffic increased not only over the predicted Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but the entire week.

While transactions and traffic share on desktop and tablet devices decreased YOY, mobile transaction and traffic share both rose 22% over 2017, indicating consumers appreciate the convenience and are more comfortable shopping on mobile. And a 3% spike in the percent of online shopping cart landing pages (when a shopper goes directly to a cart at the start of a session) compared to the average November Tuesday, along with a month-long high for saved-cart shopping and purchasing, provide insights into the types of mobile shopping behavior retailers can study and capitalize on during peak engagement periods.

This year, we saw a prolonged digital holiday shopping week dominated by mobile with consumers who are savvy, engaged and seeking to be sold to.

What the Data Showed

Check out the key highlights from our review of shopping data covering the period from the days leading to Black Friday through Cyber week:

  • Over Thanksgiving weekend, mobile stole traffic from desktop and tablet devices, increasing its share of traffic by an average of 22% over last year, while its revenue share increased 28%.
YoY Change in Share of Traffic YoY Change in Share of Revenue
  • Increased mobile session duration continued into the week, with peak engagement on “Cyber Tuesday,” with a session duration of 18 seconds longer than other Tuesday shopping days in November.
Media Daily Session Duration
  • YoY conversion rates actually decreased on Cyber Monday, but this can be a misleading metric that should not be viewed in isolation. Both mobile traffic and transactions increase YoY – mobile transactions just didn’t increase as much as traffic, which results in a decrease in conversion rate.
YoY Change in Conversion Rates
  • Sessions-with-search rates peak for November the Sunday to Wednesday before Black Friday as consumers look for deals, increasing again on Cyber Tuesday as shoppers check back on sales and offers.
Session Search Rates
  • Percentage of Cart landing pages spikes on “Cyber Tuesday,” with consumers returning to their cart after sales were extended, then converting with a month-wide high rate of 9%.
Percent of Cart Landing Pages Conversion after Cart Landing Page
  • PDPs visited shows shoppers preparing for the Black Friday, with Monday to Wednesday before Black Friday leading the charge for PDP views over all pages viewed. Views of PDPs dip on the actual day, indicating shoppers knew what they wanted through Cyber Monday and Tuesday and didn’t shop around for different products, with page views returning to a relative normal view rate at the end of the month.
Percent of PDP Visits

Key Takeaways for Retailers

Shoppers are clearly interested in extending holiday shopping via mobile, so promotions like flash sales throughout the week and ensuring that products are in stock after the holiday rush are essential. Retailers have to be ready to deliver not just a good, short-term mobile commerce experience, but a great one that is sustainable and at the center of their customers’ purchasing preferences.

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