How Do Chatbots Fit Into Your Engagement Strategy: Part 3 of 4

Many important messaging platforms are emerging for retailers and their customers – you may have heard some of the buzz about chatbots recently.

They are exciting to think about, but definitely add another layer to an already complex shopping journey. At any given time your audience may be spread across several channels, and they may be using your website or app as well – managing it all is tougher than ever. But does the rise of chatbots mean every retailer has to invest in a separate platform to facilitate chat engagement? Definitely not.

Data Plan

The answer lies in data. We know that different messenger channels have different contexts and use cases: web push notifications might be useful for nurturing and user acquisition, Facebook Messenger might be best for active purchase consideration, and native app push notifications might be best for loyalty. The platform you use to manage your customer engagement must be intelligent enough to track how people move across platforms and help them with their next steps in an automated way. Once you factor in location, you can use data to administer a holistic user journey with personalization and retargeting, and make sure your interactions with your customers have value.

A Is For Automation

Marketers can generate custom messages for shoppers based on their behavior through our Engagement Engine and Connection Center, which are two parts of our Mobile Customer Engagement Platform. To help craft contextualized messages, we collect anonymized data about the way people browse different categories, for example, or access your mobile site from different locations.

As far as one-on-one messaging goes, we’re focused on automated chatbots. With chatbots, we could help navigate your customers through their shopping journey by helping them look at products, ask questions, and have the entire purchasing experience feel seamless and natural. At the same time, we’re not getting ahead of ourselves. Chatbots aren’t going to replace native apps anytime soon, if ever. While they’re great if your customers have a question, or have a pretty good idea of what they want, Progressive Mobile™ web and app experiences are still better for browsing.

The beauty of our mobile customer engagement platform is that as we monitor the progression of chatbot technology, we will be able to see where it makes sense for brands to implement so that you will be able to add it quickly and easily when the time is right. There’s no need to dive in head first if the technology isn’t going to be ideal for your customer experience.

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