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Getting Started with Headless Commerce: 5 Industry Experts Share Advice

Headless commerce, where the front-end/content presentation layer is separated from the back-end/functional layer, is a fast growing trend in ecommerce. Why? Because…

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What Retailers & Brands Need to Know from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2019

Mary Meeker recently released her much anticipated Internet Trends Report. You can see the full 333 slides (!!) here, or check out…

Salesforce TrailheadDX

3 Key Takeaways from Salesforce TrailheadDX

When the Salesforce team graciously invited Mobify to co-present at their annual developer conference, TrailheaDX, we were very excited to get the…

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What’s the Head in a Headless CMS World?

This guest blog post was originally posted on e-Spirit’s blog. In the last couple of years, headless CMS platforms have been steadily…

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Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Headless Commerce

This was originally posted as a guest blog post on Amplience’s Content & Commerce blog. There are 3 different approaches to delivering…

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The Evolution of Ecommerce Architecture and What’s Next

As with anything in the technology realm, ecommerce architectures have evolved over the years as technology and customer expectations have changed. Keep…

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5 Reasons Why Your Next Replatform or Redesign Should Follow a Headless Commerce Approach

It’s that time again – you’re replatforming or redesigning your current ecommerce experience and/or architecture to something that is more modern and…

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[Report] How page load speed affects the purchase funnel

Did you know that experiencing mobile delays causes more stress than watching a horror movie? That’s why Mobify’s latest edition of the…

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[Infographic] Email Makes Surprising Comeback During Holiday 2018

Make sure your 2019 strategy involves a great customer experience, and be sure to send post-holiday loyalty emails to improve the lifetime…