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Why Analysts are Bullish on Headless – And Why You Should Be Too

Senior analyst of Forrester Joe Cicman talks the importance of a headless commerce architecture to solve disconnected digital experiences.

The Headless Summit

Live from New York: The Headless Summit!

We’re blogging here in NYC today as brand and tech experts from around the world come together to discuss what is arguably…

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3 Reasons to Adopt a Headless Commerce Approach Now

Headless commerce is not a new concept, in fact, it’s been a growing movement over the past five years. At this point,…

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Inside the New Head of Headless Commerce

With a renewed focus on headless commerce and how businesses can benefit, we sat down with Mobify VP of Sales Darren Horne…

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Infographic: Progressive Web App Customer Journey Benchmarks

There aren’t a lot of benchmarks for innovative retailers and brands trying modern web technology like Progressive Web Apps – until now….

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Progressive Web App Performance Benchmarks for Ecommerce

As more and more companies move towards Progressive Web Apps (PWA), they want to be able to compare their metrics to industry…

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Roundup: How Retailers Can Compete with Amazon Prime Day

As Prime Day becomes the new Black Friday of the summer, more and more retailers are offering sales to compete with the…

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Getting Started with Headless Commerce: 5 Industry Experts Share Advice

Headless commerce, where the front-end/content presentation layer is separated from the back-end/functional layer, is a fast growing trend in ecommerce. Why? Because…

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What Retailers & Brands Need to Know from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2019

Mary Meeker recently released her much anticipated Internet Trends Report. You can see the full 333 slides (!!) here, or check out…