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how page load affects purchase funnel

[Report] How page load speed affects the purchase funnel

Did you know that experiencing mobile delays causes more stress than watching a horror movie? That’s why Mobify’s latest edition of the…

Holiday email and mobile icons

[Infographic] Email Makes Surprising Comeback During Holiday 2018

Make sure your 2019 strategy involves a great customer experience, and be sure to send post-holiday loyalty emails to improve the lifetime…

2 women browsing on mobile

Ecommerce Trends & Stats: Holiday 2018 Versus Holiday 2017

There’s no question that holiday 2018 ecommerce sales well eclipsed 2017. Whether it was Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or pre-Christmas, shoppers were…

Cyber Monday deals

Data-Backed Insights from the Massive Mobile Cyber Week Turnout

Mobile shopping appears to be the holiday ecommerce gift that keeps on giving to retailers this season as mobile transactions and traffic…

Man Holding Coffee and Phone

The Attention Challenge: How Mobile Technology has Shaped Shopping Behavior

How many times has something like this happened: you pick up your phone to check a notification, then you’re on Instagram, then…


[Infographic] Behavior Trends Throughout the Mobile Shopping Journey

The further a mobile shopper progresses down the funnel, the more likely they are to come back and become a customer. To…


[Report] 2018 Q3 Mobile Commerce Insights Report

We’ve crunched the data to discover new insights into how shoppers behave on mobile. In the latest Mobile Commerce Insights Report, we…

Looking at mobile phone in sunset

Infographic: Mobile Growth Predictions Based on Regional Ecommerce Trends

Mobile usage in the U.K. is one step ahead of that in the U.S., so we can look at ecommerce trends across…

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Mobile Page Load Benchmarks from 2,000 Top Ecommerce Websites

We’re seeing shoppers spend more time and money on mobile, but with this shift in behavior comes higher expectations for the mobile…