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Salesforce Closes Acquisition of Mobify

2020/10/1 UPDATE: I’m thrilled to announce that Salesforce has officially completed its acquisition of Mobify. We’re very excited to join the Salesforce…

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6 Essential Roles for Building and Maintaining a Storefront for Headless Commerce

The road to a headless commerce architecture is often driven by a need for flexibility and scale as organizations are looking to…


4 Things to Know About the New Salesforce B2C Commerce APIs

The recently released Salesforce B2C Commerce APIs are a big deal for the Salesforce community (and any retailer evaluating the Salesforce B2C…


Webinar Recap: How Under Armour Builds Fast Headless Commerce Experiences with Salesforce & Mobify

We recently had the opportunity to join Eric Lessard, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce, and Patrick Grissinger, Sr. Product Manager of…


Guide to Storefronts for Headless Commerce: Salesforce Commerce Cloud Edition

A traditional web storefront is built tightly coupled to the ecommerce platform. On the other hand, a storefront for headless commerce is…

Business benefits of GraphQL

The Business Benefits of GraphQL for Non-Technical Users

GraphQL is popping up more and more as “headless” and “composable commerce” gain steam. But what is GraphQL? And what are the…


3 Strategies to Build Shopper Experiences that Meet Evolving Expectations

This guest post was written by Terence Tirella, Sr. Product Manager at Salesforce.  At Salesforce, we began 2020 thinking about how to…

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What You Get with a Storefront for Headless Commerce

A web storefront is a necessary piece of the headless commerce puzzle. But what do you actually get with this decoupled web storefront?

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How to Dramatically Reduce the Cost of Correction of Your Ecommerce Initiatives

For ecommerce leaders, cost of correction is an important metric. It answers, “If I make a mistake, how much will it cost my business?”